What are the advantages of a boiler service in the UK?

A boiler is an advanced machine for heating water or different materials for industrial purposes or home usage. It is a closed vessel that is specially designed for heating of multiple kinds of fluids. In industries, large boilers are not just used for boiling but […]

When do you need a fire risk assessment? Landlord Responsibilities

In all the workplaces and various industries, carrying out a fire risk assessment is a very necessary precaution for the safety of the people. The results of the fire risk assessment show the probability there is for a fire to occur multiplied with the severity […]

How Often and Why Should a Boiler Service Be Done?

Whether you got a boiler recently or you have had a boiler in your house hold for quite a while, maintenance of boilers is highly crucial. We’ve all heard that boiler service is important to make the boiler last a longer time and work better […]

How And Why You Should Get An EPC Certificate in London?

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. It resembles the sticker we get when we buy a new electronic equipment or appliance which gives us details about the amount of energy which it will be using. EPC is a legal certificate which gives you a brief […]

What happens after an Inspection of a Rental Possession?

A landlord must go through a series of procedures after conducting a rental property inspection. It proves to be a tough nut to crack sometimes when there is only a fine line of distinction between harm and reasonable destruction after an examination. Although the homeowner […]

What is an EICR? Tips to get EICR Report for UK Landlords

EICR is Electrical Installation Condition Report. This report checks and verifies that all the electrical connections and electrical appliances in your property are in a safe working condition and do not present any electrocution or fire hazards due to overloading or loose electrical connections. It […]