CP12 Certificate London

If you need a CP12 Certificate in London then we are here to offer you. This certificate is renewed and issued by someone who you can trust upon. A person who is professional and who’s installation work will not fail and who is going to provide you with the automated reminders will renew your certificate. All landlord are required to get this certificate to makes sure that all the appliances are safe to use. But the main question is what CP12 is and how you will get it? By law, you have to get the service of your gas appliances done once a year and that is stated in 1998 gas safety regulation.

This regulation includes all the important points and steps that are required to get the examination of your gas appliances. It is proof that your appliances and their installations are serviced by a professional. This job is done by a registered engineer to ensure the quality of the work. In the UK, CORGI was the main organization that was responsible for issuing this CORGI Performa 12 or CP12 certificate. Now a day, Gas Safety Register is authorized to issue this certificate. This certificate is also known as Landlord Gas Safety Certificate or sometimes it is also called CP12 certificate. However, if you are facing any problem to get this certificate or you want the complete inspection of your gas appliances from a professional, our company will be glad to help you. We will help you to get this CP12 certificate in London and our expert engineers will help you to get the service of your gas appliances in a better way.