EICR Certificate London

If you are finding it tough to get the EICR certificate in London, then there is no need to get worried. We are here to help you to find suitable and ultimate services for you. Our EICR certificate will give you complete information about the overloaded circuits and fuses. Our team is also capable of revealing poor and low-quality electrical work. Our inspection also includes the discovery of safety risks, the capability of devices and damage to any electrical equipment. Our expert electricians are highly skilled and will provide you with a reliable EICR Certificate in London. We provide the EICR certificate to landlord, business man and homeowners.


It is obligatory for all those people who own land to get the proper inspection of their electrical services. If a place has a larger population then it is at greater risk of getting electrical accidents that is why it is ensured by our services that a place is safe to reside. Similarly in case of small and large scale businesses the employers are responsible for the health and safety of their workers. For that reason, an EICR is usually carried out by the owners of these businesses and it is repeated after every five years. Similarly, in homes, these electrical damages can ruin the entire place and can even cause causalities. It is therefore mandatory to carry out EICR after every five years. If the appliances and gadgets you are using are not safe, then it may lead to hazardous consequences.