EICR Report London

Are you looking for an EICR Report in London for your property? An EICR is a certificate that is issued after successfully inspecting the current electrics of premises. It takes account of any damage, defects and deterioration that may lead to dangerous conditions. To obtain an EICR report, it is necessary to look at the type of property. If someone owns a rental possession, then EICR testing will be done after 5 years. Not everyone is cut out for this work so EICR should be done by a professional. It is not necessary to plump for an EICR certificate. It is required to provide additional safety to your property. If you own a house, then EICR will protect your property from any faulty electrical system. EICR also ensures that the current system of the house is compatible with the electrical safety standards, and no one of you is in danger.

We are qualified to provide an EICR certificate to all kinds of properties in London. We always do our assessments starting with a visual investigation. If there are any signs of deterioration, we immediately offer the solution. We also conduct a series of different types of assessments to ensure various safety measures. We ensure the safe wiring, sheathing of wiring system with proper insulation material and disconnection of power in case of any emergency. Don’t risk your lives and contact us to get a quote on the EICR Certificate in London. We will visit your location and provide you with our paramount services in London.