Electrical Installation Condition Report

It is very necessary to have a regular electrical installation inspection of home and offices to ensure safety. Now a day, the biggest reason for fires is defective wiring and cabling services. The chances and risk of electrical fires can be reduced by properly inspecting the electrical installations. By regularly checking the condition of fuses, wires and cables the risk of getting fire damages can be lowered. This is the main benefit of Electrical installation condition report. The EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Report is a document that is offered by an inspection company to ensure the safety of an electrical system in someone’s property. This document is mainly issued by following the rules of National Safety Standards.


An EICR is usually conducted by professional and expert electricians. This document ensured that the entire electrical system complies with safety standards. This is issued after completing the inspection. If there are any faults and flaws then this certificate will not be issued. The proper maintenance is done after completing the inspection. Our company is continuously helping the property owners to get the electrical inspection of their properties. We are delivering the best services in London. The reason for our success is the quality of our services. We carefully monitor and inspect the electrical installation, test the results and finalize the documents. In case of any faulty wiring or cabling, the document or report is not issued to the clients. We guarantee our services and ensured that no one is at risk.