Electrical PAT Test

When a property owner provides their residents electrical appliances as part of their occupancy then it is the legal and moral duty of the owner to ensure that the use of this equipment will cause no harm to the user. If a landowner fails to do so then he may face a penalty. It depends upon the owners to do this whole procedure by using their method, but this method should be reliable. PAT is not a legal requirement but it is considered one of the best practices to check the safety of the electrical appliances. Electrical PAT test is for all those electrical appliances that are portable. It can be a small and lightweight item or it can be a heavyweight air conditioner.


Usually, the electrical PAT test is carried out by visually examining the electrical appliances and this job is done by property owners itself. In some cases, if property owners are not feeling comfortable to perform the test or if there are any visual signs of damages then this electrical PAT test will be carried out by experts and professionals. If you want to visually examine the appliances then you can look at several features. You can check the damages, scratches, any damage to plug, broken switches, visible wiring, loose pins and screws, burnt switches and any part that has been covered by tape. You can check all these things by visually examining the electrical appliances. If there are any signs of damages then seek the help of a professional to solve this problem.