Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessment is a procedure involving the systematic appraisal of the fire safety factors that determine the hazard from fire, the possibility that there will be a fire and the results if one were to occur.

We carry out fire safety risk assessment in residential properties and commercial properties both.

When fire safety risk assessment require

If your business place or block of flats has 5 or more than five occupants, then you should get fire safety risk assessment done by law.

And if you have less than 5 occupants, you don’t need fire safety risk assessment done, However, we will recommend fire safety risk assessment done at every business or residential place because it is the easiest way to to record the hazards/findings and to make sure the recommendations are applied.

Commercial properties include office fire risk assessment, building fire risk assessment and shops fire risk assessment etc.

Fire risk assessment cost

Fire risk assessment cost is £150 for residential properties and fire risk assessment price for commercial properties starts from £250.

Payment options

You can pay either by bank transfer or by credit card once your appointment is confirmed.

Fire risk assessor

According to the legal guidelines fire risk assesor should be competant person but it does not necessarily means you should use qualified fire risk assesor.

It does mean person should be capable of carry out the following steps:

– Record all the important conculsion data clearly and in detail
– Establish a fire safety action plan if changes are required and record the actions
– Apply the action plan if one is required
– Keep the fire risk assessment updated on an ongoing basis

Combined Package
gas + eicr
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