Gas Safety Check

Gas Safety certificate is a document which affirms that inspection of all gas appliances is carried out in the property to make sure gas pipework, flues and each gas appliance are working properly, there is no danger and are checked during gas safety check by a gas safe registered engineer.

Gas certificate cost

Services Price
Gas safety certificate (1 gas appliance) £59
Gas safety certificate (2 gas appliances) £69
Gas safety certificate (3 gas appliances) £79
Gas safety certificate + boiler service £129


Example of gas appliances: boiler, hob, cooker, oven and fireplace

Who requires gas safety certificate?

  • Landlord who are renting out the property
  • Letting agents who manage the property
  • Recommended to prospective home buyers have gas safety certificate service carried out to ensure the property is safe they are moving into

When landlord gas certificate required?

Landlord gas safety certificate is required each year by a gas safe registered engineer just to make sure gas pipework, flues & all gas appliances are safe to use, there are no chances of carbon monoxide poisoning and your tenants are safe.
You do not need to get done gas safety certificate service every time new tenants move in.

Duties of landlord

Make sure annual gas safety inspection is performed on flues and all gas appliances.
It is duty of landlord provide gas safety certificate to tenants within 28 days of gas safety inspection or to new tenants prior to their moving into property.
Keep copy of gas safety certificate with you.

Duties of tenants

Inform immediately to your landlord or to letting agent if property is being managed by him about any leakage of gas or any unusual thing happens in property regarding gas.
Always check the gas safe card of an engineer before he performs his duties.

Non-compliance with gas safety regulations

It is criminal offence to non-comply with gas safety regulations for which court can impose unlimited fines and custodial sentences, therefore, it is strongly recommended to have gas safety certificate carried out each year to avoid any criminal offence. Keep safe yourself.