Gas Safety Certificate

It is now illegal for landlord to sell or rent out their house or property if they are unable to provide a Gas Safety Certificate. It is a very important piece of documentation that shows the proof of safe gas appliances. A qualified and expert engineer is required to check all this. This Gas Safety Certificate should be no more than 12 months old. Now it is your legal obligation to provide a safe environment to the tenants of your property.

It is ideal for all landlord to get the gas service contract to ensure that all the gas appliances of your property are in good condition and are safe to use. This also gives peace of mind to the residents of the house. They feel comfortable that a landlord is paying attention to the safety of the tenants. It also gives them a peace of mind that in case of any emergency or problem the appliance or equipment can be fixed. Other than electrical services our company is also capable of providing you with the gas appliances services. You can get this Gas Safety Certificate issued by our legal and authorized engineers. We guarantee you the good work and services as we are cautious about the safety of our clients and people.