Landlord Certificates

We are specialized in providing Landlord Certificates in London. Our team is competent and our trained engineers are efficient in their work. You will get your Landlord Certificates in no time. In recent years, government bodies have done a major effort in improving the safety standards of electrical and gas appliances. The safety measures for rented properties have improved and landlords are considered accountable for any kind of bad event regarding gas and electrical safety. The concept of energy efficiency is becoming popular and people are now aware of the facts behind energy efficiency.  It is crucial to develop a system that is energy efficient. That is the reason landlords have been ordered to make their property energy efficient. In case they fail to follow the rules they can face severe consequences. It has been ordered by the government that the lives of the people should not be at stake, and the landlords must make their systems efficient. The Landlord Certificates are the best solution to all these problems. It is a legal requirement to sell or rent out your property.

We happily present these services to you and we offer a large range of certificates like CP12, EICR, EPC and fire risk assessment. We offer a huge range of services and ensure that your property and its tenants are in a safe situation. We will guide you to get your Landlord Certificates in the best way. Our wide range of services will help you bring your property up to the seamless safety standards.