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As Landlord you have certain legal responsibilities to help guarantee the safety of your tenants. However, understanding what to do in addition to managing and maintaining a home can be a little overwhelming and not always easy to understand.

In London Property Inspections, we specialize in gas, conducting inspections and security checks on rental properties throughout London. If you are an Landlord then you must have landlord certificates, this manual is written for you to inform you about what you need to know and do to legally comply with the safety of gas in the properties that you rent to tenants.

Which certificates do I need as Landlord?

Every Landlord needs a gas safety certificate for his Land lordship, which is sometimes also called a gas safety verification record. The certificate is issued by a registered Gas Safe engineer, after inspection of a gas appliance or unit on the rented property. If all meet the required safety standards and are in good condition, a certificate will be issued to the lessor, directly or through your rental office if they use one.

As a lessor, the law requires that you have an updated gas safety certificate for your property. If you do not do this, you risk a fine of £ 6,000 and even a 6-month prison sentence.

A gas safety check is not only required by law, but also more than just verification. It fulfills its moral and ethical responsibility as a landlord, because the inspection helps to keep its tenants safe and guarantees that their property is habitable.

During a gas safety check, your registered Gas Safe technician will verify your boiler, your fireplace and any gas appliances, such as your gas stove or gas fire.

How often do you have to replace my gas safety certificate?

A gas safety certificate is valid for 12 months, so it must be replaced annually with an updated one. Landlords can, however, arrange an inspection after 10 months, without losing 2 months of inspection time. If you choose to do this, your certificate has an expiration date 14 months after the date of your inspection.

What else do my tenants need to know?

Your tenants must see the gas safety check within 28 days after the inspection and the issue of the certificate. Keep your certificate in a safe place in case you have to prove that you have one, if necessary. As a lessor, you must maintain a gas safety check for at least two years.

It is also important that your tenants know the gas appliances on your property, as this is your home and they will probably use it most days. Ensure that your tenants understand how the gas fire and kitchen work, know the carbon monoxide detector and do not switch it off and understand how to operate the boiler.

Also make sure that your tenants have their details or contact details from your rental office if you use one, so that they can report any problems with gas central heating or appliances if they occur. This allows you to deal with them as quickly and safely as possible.

Before you organize a gas safety check, you must have access granted by your tenant. If you manage the rental of the property yourself, contact your tenants and explain when you want access. Your tenant can choose whether or not he is on site when the inspection is performed, and if the timing is not suitable for him, you must arrange the inspection for a date and time that suits you.

Perform reliable gas safety checks in London

The team here experienced at London Property Inspections performs gas safety check at accommodations in London. Our qualified gas safety engineers are registered with Gas Safe and offer reliable and effective service to both Landlords and rental companies.

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