Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate

Should I need a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate? This question is often asked by the landlord and the answer is yes. As a general rule, landlord are required to get this certificate at the start of their tenure and after every five years. All these things are done by using special strategies. Different appliances and equipment of the property are checked including fuse boxes and wiring system of the house. So it is always a good idea to get the Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate to ensure the safety of the tenants. If landlord are unable to provide this facility then they will be considered careless and they may face the damages of ruining their goods. We all know that a poor electrical and wiring system of a house can be fatal.


It can increase the chance of getting fire and power failure issues. Moreover, if the landlord do not pay attention to the electrical system of the house or they are not interested in getting the landlord electrical safety certificate then they may face the enforcement action. Therefore a competent company or electrician is required for the complete inspection of a property. It is a legal requirement to have this safety inspection executed. You need to retain this report or certificate as a proof of inspection. In case a local authority demands this certificate or report, you need to provide a copy of this certificate within seven days. You may face a penalty if you fail to provide this copy.