PAT Certificate

Pat certificate is provided upon completion of the inspection of portable appliances to make sure they are safe to use. Portable appliance testing, or PAT testing, as it is more commonly known, is the procedure whereby Residential electrical equipment e.g. Toaster’s, Kettle’s, Fridge freezer’s and Televisions are tested using an instrument (PAT test machine) and visually checked for electrical safety. PAT testing is usually carried out on rented accommodation annually to make sure that electrical appliances that are being left for a tenant are safe to use and also protect landlord against the Consumer protection act (1987) and the electrical equipment act (1994). When the engineer is in the property conducting the test he or she will put stickers on all of the appliances confirming they have been tested. The landlord will also receive a form confirming what has been tested and if the item is safe for use.


PAT Testing Prices

Services Price
Residential PAT testing (1-20 items) £59
Residential PAT testing (20-40 items) £79
Commercial PAT testing (1-20 items) £79
Commercial PAT testing (20-40 items) £109
Commercial PAT testing (40-60 items) £139

Payment Options

You can pay either by bank transfer or by credit card once your appointment is confirmed.