PAT Testing London

Portable Appliance Testing is commonly known as PAT. This is a check-up that is done to make sure that the electrical appliances are safe to use. The first step is the visual testing of electrical appliances and second is in-depth testing. Some defects can only be identified visually and some are possible to identify with the help of in-depth testing. So it is really important to carry out the PAT for all electrical equipment. PAT testing in London is not difficult now. You can contact us to get the PAT services.


The PAT is also required for all electrical appliances in the office too. It is sometimes considered that office appliances are safe to use and there is no need to get their inspection. But by law, employers are also responsible for the safety of their employees so PAT is also mandatory here. The frequency of the PAT depends upon various factors. The type of equipment matters a lot and in some cases, the environment in which these appliances are used is also inspected. If you are looking for PAT testing in London then we will guide you step by step. We will give you recommendations on how often you need to get this test done? A tool used at construction site requires maintenance more often than a device in the house. Our team will guide you precisely and professionally. We offer you PAT testing at reasonable rates. If you want the services, then you can contact us and get your job done in no time.