How And Why You Should Get An EPC Certificate in London?

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. It resembles the sticker we get when we buy a new electronic equipment or appliance which gives us details about the amount of energy which it will be using. EPC is a legal certificate which gives you a brief […]

Classification of EPC Certificate in London – Landlord Safety Certificates

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. The EPC classification is a measure of the energy performance of the property in general. A higher rating means a house with greater energy performance certificate (EPC Certificate London). This assessment is calculated based on the amount of energy […]

Is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) important to sell my house?

You must have applied for at least one Energy Efficiency Certificate (EPC Certificate London) before you market your property: discover why, how much an EPC should cost and how you can find an EPC inspector. What is an EPC (energy performance certificate)? An energy performance certificate […]