Everything you need to know about the Gas Safety Certificate

All owners in the United Kingdom are required by law, in accordance with the Gas Safety Regulations 1998, from a registered engineer who is authorized to conduct such an investigation and provide a gas safety certificate to verify their gas accessories and all devices. After […]

Importance of Gas Safety Certificate for UK Landlords – Safety Tips

It is illegal for a landlord to rent your property without a gas safety certificate. A landlord’s gas safety certificate is a legal requirement and a crucial piece of documentation that proves that your gas appliances have been verified by a qualified gas safety engineer in […]

Gas Safety Certificate – Everything You Need to Know – 020 3239 0374

Every landlord needs a gas safety certificate for every home he rents. This includes short-term rentals, as well as rented properties in standard rentals. Your gas safety certificate, officially known as the owner’s Gas Safety Record, is one of the owner’s most important requirements. It is […]

Do you need a gas safety certificate? – Try London Property Inspections

All properties with gas appliances must be regularly checked by an authorized Gas Safe technician. The engineer will certify the property after performing some checks / inspections. If the engineer is satisfied with the condition of the property, he will provide a certificate that appears. […]