Gas Safety Certificate Cost Starts £29 РLondon Property Inspections

If you are an owner who owns real estate in London, according to the Gas Safety Certificate¬†Regulations (installation and use) of 1998, it is your responsibility to obtain a gas safety certificate every twelve months. London Property Inspections is perfectly positioned to inspect your property […]

What is Gas Safety Check? Cost of Gas Safety Certificate in London

It is primarily designed to inspect every gas appliance, including water heaters, stoves and fires (permanent or portable) to ensure that they work correctly and safely. A registered gas safety engineer MUST perform a gas safety check. Every house with gas appliances must be checked […]

A Guide to Gas Safety Check By London Property Inspections

Gas is a dangerous substance, and although we could not do without gas equipment such as boilers, gas fires and heaters in our homes, all gas appliances must be carefully maintained to prevent them from becoming dangerous. According to the Gas Safety Registry, 1 in […]