PAT Testing Cost for UK Landlord Safety Certificates – Call 020 3239 0374

There is currently no law that requires employers to obtain a PAT certificate. However, the UK government has established regulations that oblige entrepreneurs to ensure that all devices in their premises are safe and well maintained to prevent accidents with electricity, and the most effective […]

Portable Appliances Testing – PAT Testing Cost in London UK

The portable appliances test is the electrical safety test of portable electrical equipment. It consists of a visual inspection and various electrical tests performed with test equipment. Devices that have passed the equipment are considered safe for use until the next test date. The equipment […]

PAT Testing Cost – How to Register for PAT Testing in UK

PAT Testing in London is one of the most overlooked steps in ensuring the safety of residential and commercial buildings. After all, the law does not require that every business owner or owner have a PAT test certificate. So why would you buy one? While […]